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Advertise holiday villas Etosha is one of the most important breeding grounds of the Greater and Lesser flamingo in the Southern Africa region. During a good rainy season millions of advertise holiday villas these birds congregate on the pan to breed.
Most commonly seen are Lappet faced, White-backed and Hooded vultures, while sighting of the Cape, Egyptian, Palm-nut vultures have been recorded. There are eight species of owl, villas in pattaya including the Pearl spotted and White faced, and four species of nightjar.
For the greater part of the year, in the dry season, Etosha's animals and birds are dependent on about 30 springs and waterholes.
These provide excellent game viewing and photographic opportunities. Wildlife enthusiasts who perfect holiday villas visit Etosha frequently, tend to select a favorite waterhole, which they maintain is lucky for them.Etosha Safari on a budget Namibia s flagship national park is, without advertise holiday villas a doubt, one of Africas greatest wildlife advertise holiday villas destinations.
Unlike other parks, where you have to go looking for animals, Etosha National Park s animals come right to you as long as youre near a waterhole. All you have to holiday villas france pool do is park your car next to a water source and wait soon enough there will be lions, elephant, rhino and dozens of other mammals coming for a drink, making Etosha the easiest place for wildlife spotting on the continent. Added to that is Etoshas unique landscape, dominated by its barren and desolate salt pan, which covers a quarter of the park and is Africas largest salt pan.
When there are heavy rains it fills with water for a few days but for most of the year its bone-dry and cracked like a puzzle.
Watching animals on the horizon walk across the lunar-like pan is a surreal and beautiful sight part of Etoshas magic. How to travel to Etosha National Park on secluded holiday villas a budget advertise holiday villas Etosha National Park is easy to travel to on a budget, because of the great range of camping options both inside and just outside the parks gates. There are three camps inside of the park: Halali, Namutoni and Okaukeujo, all of which offer fairly expensive chalets and bungalows, and much cheaper campsites.
The campsites are large and spread out under trees, and the camps have good facilities swimming pools, food shops and restaurants.
Namutoni is near the eastern Von Lindequist gate and Okaukeujo is near the southern Andersson gate, with Halali in between them.
This set up allows you to explore the park slowly, starting at advertise holiday villas either Okaukeujo or Namutoni and then spending a night at Halali before heading to the next camp for your last nights in the park.
While its best to stay inside the park, cook island villas those camps are more expensive than options outside of the gates.
If you want cheaper accommodation, theres holiday villas in soller Etosha Safari Camp (with a funky African-style shebeen bar) outside of the Andersson gate in the south and Onguma Safari Camp (a small fenced camp on a wildlife-rich private reserve) outside of the Von Lindequist gate in the east.
You can easily drive yourself around the park fly in to Windhoek and rent a car and camping equipment there (it takes around six hours to drive from Windhoek to Etosha), but the cheapest and easiest option is to do a budget overlanding tour to Etosha National Park. We offer holiday villas to rent in portugal a range of budget overlanding safaris to Etosha National Park. starting from three days and going up to two months (including other regions in southern Africa), where your park advertise holiday villas entrance fees, accommodation, meals and a guide are included.
When to go to Etosha National Park Etosha National Park is best visited in the winter months of May to October, when this arid region receives no rain.
Its the easiest time cottage villas to spot lions, elephant, rhino and other animals at this time of year, because they all have to come to the waterholes to drink.
Temperatures are also skiathos holiday villas pleasant at this time of year warm days and cool nights.
In the summer months of November to April, the temperatures soar and the vegetation in the park becomes lush and green, making it slightly harder to spot animals.Etosha Safari 4 Days Etosha National Park The Safari will take to to the world famous Etosha National Park.

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