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Big villas in spain A short history of the gay hotel There has always been gay accommodation - be it gay hotels, gay BBs or gay guesthouses.
Back when the gay community was ghettoised, gay hotels sprung up in a few of the worlds main gay areas, in the ocean rental villas caribbean view villas centres of cities such as the Castro in San Francisco, the West Village in New York, Soho in London and The Marais in Paris. These were havens big villas in spain for the relatively few people who were out enough at the time to book in to them.
Like the gay ghettos of the time, they tended to be small and camp - appealing to a still-tiny clientele. As gay liberation started to warm up in the villas in spain and portugal 60s and 70s, the number of gay hotels and BBs rose - spreading to more and more cities around big villas in spain the world. The first gay resorts popped up, in places such as Key West, Mykonos in Greece and Sitges in Spain.
At last, gay travellers had somewhere safe to stay on holiday - where, at least within the confines of the resort, they could be themselves.
Acceptance of all things gay started to accelerate in the 80s and 90s, and with that, the prevalence of gay hotels, guesthouses, resorts and BBs big villas in spain rose still further.
Gay accommodation could now be found almost anywhere, with gay guest houses and BBs big villas in spain popping up in all sorts of far-flung places, from Tuscany to the Costa del Sol to the Cotswolds.
In big villas in spain the 90s, the Axel Hotel big villas in spain opened in Barcelona - the first example of a large, mainstream hotel catering to a hetero-friendly crowd of mostly gay guests.
The group have since opened three more hotels - proof perhaps that the gay-hotel concept has legs.
This spread of gay accommodation was a sign that gay travellers, in large cities at least, were becoming very much more accepted.
In the early days, checking in marche villas to a gay hotel or guest house was a way to protect yourself from an unfriendly majority.
As the decades have past, and attitudes towards homosexuality have softened, the need for gay-only accommodation has been questioned.
Why stay with only other gay people (mostly men, as it happens) and actively exclude heterosexuals? Surely its hypocritical - a form of reverse-prejudice?
If the 2012 ruling against a Christian couple in the UK who turned a gay couple away from their BB is big villas in spain anything to go by, then the law frowns on any sort of exclusion on the basis of sexual orientation. As gays are accepted by more of the straight majority, surely the need to escape to a safe gay-only environment recedes?
Our prognosis The future for the gay-only BB, resort, guesthouse or hotel luxury villas to rent in spain is not yet clear.
It may be that, as a younger generation of gays start spending on travel, they may avoid gay-only and plump for gay-friendly or simply stay at mainstream hotels.
Are they not already more likely to go to mixed bars and clubs, sharing a drink big villas in spain big villas in spain with their hetero and gay friends alike? But it may be that the birds of a feather factor will always kick in. Even if big villas in spain the need to be somewhere safe declines, the desire to be big villas in spain amongst like-minded guests in a gay hotel, who might be more likely to share your interests and sense of humour, may always be a powerful factor beachside villas st martin drawing gay men to want to stay, now and then at least, with other gay men, and lesbians with lesbians in a gay hotel.

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