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Boracay beach villas With fair chase hunting done on foot, you will find your kind of adventure with Etosha Heights Game Safaris. Avoid disappointment by ensuring boracay beach villas boracay beach villas that you give yourself enough time for a memorable, rewarding African Safari experience.
Etosha heights Game Safaris is the brainchild of conservationist and shareholder, Leen de Koster combined with numerous other deeply interested in nature and conservation of wildlife. By extending the Southern boundary of the already existing 22,912 square kilometer Etosha National Park, through the purchase and amalgamation of nine neighbouring cattle ranches, a buffer zone has been created between the park and neighbouring cattle farmers.
Blessed boracay beach villas by several beachtree beachfront villas cyprus villas walt disney world area years of good rain, a successful re-stocking program, intensive management boracay beach villas and limited hunting, the 600 square kilometer (230 square mile) extension now forms the basis of one of the largest privately owned, naturally sustainable, wildlife boracay beach villas reserves in Namibia The vision and objectives of Etosha Heights Game Safaris (EHGS) is to maintain a healthy and balanced herd at a population density that villas sol hotel and beach resort is consistent with long-term habitat capability. One of its goals is to manage its wildlife so that aretai beach villas it will support satisfactory and meads bay beach villas sustainable levels of utilisation in trophy harvest.
And to provide a lifetime experience and adventure ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction by providing abundant and variety game species, competent and experienced PH services.
an environment with a variety of biological diversities and high standard lodging.Etosha National Park arsinoe beach villas Private Lodge This package includes 4 nights in a luxury private lodge in Ongava Game Reserve and you have the choice of return air conditioned vehicle transfers from Windhoek (approx 4 hours drive) or return light aircraft transfers from Windhoek.
The Ongava Game ocean view villas ocean beach Reserve is situated on the southern boundary of Etosha National Park, enabling large game such as elephant and lion to move between Etosha and the private reserve.
Day and night wildlife-viewing beach club villas drives, visiting hides that overlook waterholes and walks with experienced guides can all be enjoyed exclusively on this reserve.
At Ongava the characteristic wildlife of the area is present, with both boracay beach villas desert-adapted black and white rhino to be seen as well as lion. A highlight at Ongava is that it is villas to villas mymosa quepos rent in bodrum one of the few private game reserves in southern Africa where there is a chance of seeing both black and white rhino.
For those who enjoy close wildlife encounters, tracking white rhino on foot with a guide is a highlight boracay beach villas not to be missed. Number boracay beach villas of Days: 5 Price is valid until31 October 2015. If travelling after this date pleasecontact us for revised prices.
Accommodation may be different from properties listed due to beach villas kefalonia availability but will be of a similar standard Tour departs daily, subject to availability.
Minimum of 2 passengersNamibia Safaris Tour Packages - Etosha National Park Etosha National Park Etosha National Park is one of the major boracay beach villas sanctuaries for wildlife in Africa.

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