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Villas jandia fuerteventura City Walls Take a stroll along the walls to see the most breathtaking view of the surrounding Lombardy countryside. Accademia Carrara If European history floats your boat, this contains northern Italys most important collection of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque paintings. Bergamo History Cittadella This 14th-century fortress in the upper city is largely unchanged. Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore In 1137, construction began on the existing edifice of a church from the 7th century.
Rocca This castle in the upper city was built in 1331.
Palazzo del Ragione The seat of local government when the city was a free commune in the 12th century. Battistero This ancient baptistery dates back to the 14th cormoran hotel villasimius century. Bergamo Art Culture Cappella Colleoni A showcase of Renaissance art and architecture containing the tomb of a local historic personage, Bartolomeo Colleoni.
San Michelel al Pozzo Bianco This church preserves many of the paintings of Lorenzo Lotto.
The Caffi Natural Science dordogne holiday villas villas jandia fuerteventura Museum villasin portugal The local natural history museum that displays fossils from prehistoric times.
Accademia villas jandia fuerteventura Carrara An art school and royal palm villas jandia fuerteventura villas cairns gallery, this edifice contains art spanning centuries of Italian history. Bergamo Shopping Vineria Cozzi The pasta and rice are popular, and you can sample the perfect holiday villas wines for free in the courtyard. Antica Hosteria del Vino Buono Try authentic local dishes like the cheese-covered casoncelli here. Da Vittorio This inexpensive inn also operates a restaurant downstairs.
Tresoldi Take villas jandia fuerteventura a break from shopping to enjoy rosarito villas warm, freshly homemade bread.
Orio Center Near Bergamos airport, this is the largest shopping mall in the region.
Gay Lesbian Bergamo The City Sauna This gay villas jandia fuerteventura sauna offer massages for guests over the age of 18. Cruising Canyon As the name suggests, this bar is a great cruising spot for gays. Bomberos A gay-oriented discotheque open to locals and tourists alike. Mamos Bar A gay bar villas en renta that caters to lovers of American style and music. Bergamo Outdoor Lorenzo Rota Botanical Garden Open daily during the warm months.
Parco dei Colli di Bergamo This park covers more than 47 square kilometres, with a variety of recreational possibilities. Morla Stroll down the walkways along this river that runs through the villas for rent florence heart of the city. Lake Endine Locals and tourists alike schaumburg villas apartments enjoy recreation at this local lake.
Cantoneiera Della Presolana A skiing and snowboarding slope. Bergamo Sport Watch a football game between Bergamo's home team, Atalanta, and one of their visiting competitors. See some of the various sports played at Stadio Atleti Azzuri dItalia, rental villas caribbean near Via Cesare Battisti.
Visit Bar blue bay villas doradas dominican Stadio, a popular sports hangout that is located just off of Via Tito Legrenzi. See Foppapedretti Bergamo, the local womens volleyball team well known in the area.
Enjoy American-style football when you watch the Bergamo Lions play at home. Bergamos Events Late-February brings Bergamos Carnival.
A million times better than your best friends fancy-dress night, this parade will knock your socks off (assuming theyre part of your costume). Bebop your way over to the Clusone Jazz Festival in mid-June. Pirouette into the Danza Estate Contemporary Dance Festival in Upper Bergamo between June and July. Film buffs, be sure to make it along to the International Art Cinema Festival from mid- to late-July. Bask in the glow of the festive wonderland that is Bergamos Christmas Village from late-November complete with wooden chalets and an open-air ice-skating rink.
If you love the cold, look no further than Bergamo in winter. And french villas direct dont forget to check out the many ski resorts just out of town!
Summers in Bergamo can be villas jandia fuerteventura quite warm, particularly in July, with temperatures reaching an average of 27C (82F). Spring and autumn are the best times to soak up blue bay villas doradas all inclusive the magical scenery.
The milder temperatures are perfect for walking through town. Getting Around Bergamo is not large, so easily the best and most scenic way to get around is on foot.
The hills up to the upper town can be quite tiresome, so the funicolare is your best bet to rest your legs.

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